Do You Want To Use Sexting For Improving Your Marriage?

According to the latest research, it reveals that people who have got committed relationships and also exchanged sexual pictures with their partners are reported to have positive sexual as well as emotional outcomes.

So, if you always send your spouse only the messages related to various household chores and normal texts then think again. Quite possible there will be no excitement left in your relationships after a few years.

It is now time to start reading Livejasmin review and learn how to send sexually explicit messages and pictures to your partner so that your relationship remains spiced up.

We have tried to ask a few couples and found that 75% among the young adults are engaged in sexting, while 62% said they too had received and sent sexually-explicit picture messages.

About 50% of these sex message senders have claimed that it has certainly made positive influences not only in their sexual relationships but also in emotional connections as well.

This is true for both men as well as women in any committed relationship.

Will your relationship benefit from sexting?

Most couples can really benefit from sending sex-related pictures and messages to their partner and most of them also observe various positive benefits of such kind of communication.

Even a casual relationship will improve as most females may need little emotional commitment to a higher level from their partners and feel quite comfortable if they receive such messages from their spouse.

Therefore, most of the married couples nowadays prefer to engage themselves with such types of communications. People who travel extensively because of their professional needs can really benefit from such type of communication.

Even science confirms it

There is scientific evidence available to support the practice of using sexting as a tool for mending various marital issues. Few studies were conducted involving few married couples. It was found that because of sexting has resulted in higher relationship satisfaction.

Sexting can also open a gateway to have a more open dialogue about their sex life, which can improve your overall sexual satisfaction in relationships, particularly for couples who were together for a much longer period.

The following are a few expert tips for sexting to ease your relationship.

  • Make sure that both are comfortable with it

To start with it is necessary to ensure that both the partners are comfortable with the idea about sexting otherwise it may not work well.

  • Begin with something flirty

Start with a certain flirty message and honestly try to appreciate each other’s positive attributes. Try to be a little romantic, so that it becomes more interesting for both partners.

  • Get certain specific sources of inspiration

Once you are comfortable with sexting try to get inspiration from various sources so that you can bring certain varieties and newness in your messages that can be a little more exciting.

  • Ensure a 2-way communication

Make sure that the communication comes from both sides otherwise the other partner may get discouraged and sexual fire will not remain for long.

  • Try to be little more creative

Try to introduce different adjectives, gifs, or voice memos to bring a certain amount of creativity in your sexting.

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